Professional Subscribers

Professional Subscribers

The Benefits

for Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Coaches, and other Alternative Healers who Subscribe to this National Directory

The Network

Your profile will be sought out by Conservative Americans. Half of America is Conservative while only about 10-15% of Mental Health and Healing professionals operate from this value system. This is an opportunity to grow your practice and to also affirm and support other American Patriots.

A Bigger Audience

As a subscriber, you can be a guest on the Dr. Stephanie Show National Podcast and you can submit blog posts for this website. If your post is accepted, it will be posted on this site and sent out to hundreds of thousands of Conservative Americans.  We will make every attempt to accept the majority of submissions. Please send blog post submissions to with the words Blog Submission in the subject line.

Growing the Network

Your subscription money will go towards marketing and publicity for this website to continuously grow a larger audience of consumers who are seeking services.

A Better Platform

This Directory will add more options to this website as there are more subscribers and consumers using it.  Your subscription will benefit offers and services we can provide to Conservative Americans…

Addressing the Problem

This Directory will be sending a Collective message to Liberal Mental Health Professionals.   Although they have tried to censor our voices, we have an important contribution.  We believe that freedom of thought and expression without Extremist Liberals mentally abusing and name-calling Conservative Americans is important to people’s Mental Health. 

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