Proof That Extremist Therapists on the Left Are Intolerant of Your Conservative Beliefs

If you are a politically Conservative or Moderate American reading this, then you probably do not require any proof that many Therapists and Psychologists on the Left are intolerant and regularly attack other Conservative mental health professionals.  However, I am going to provide some proof for you anyway.    

After all, it would seem possible that mental health therapists and psychologists might be the exception to the norm.  As you know, it is commonplace now for many Liberals to verbally abuse Conservatives publicly and privately, calling them racists and Nazis and other horrible names.

Many people might think that therapists and psychologists would be more careful about not using disrespectful communication and name-calling. Especially not for having a different political opinion.  After all, we are supposed to be teaching people about positive and healthy communication. 

Nope.  Not if it is a Liberal mental health professional communicating with a Conservative colleague.  All communication skills are out the window.  And, by the way, it is perfectly normally for a Liberal therapist to not speak to a Conservative therapist about differing viewpoints even when the Conservative therapist is willing to have a civil conversation.  I have experienced this on many occasions!

I am concerned that the way many Extremist Liberals are behaving (including some of my colleagues) is anti-American. Why? Because it is an American ideal to have tolerance for various political and religious viewpoints.  Furthermore, tolerance and acceptance is often touted as an ideal within the mental health profession – it is called unconditional positive regard!!!  Liberals therapists proclaim their progressive acceptance of many groups of people with varying beliefs and viewpoints (so long as they are all Liberal viewpoints).  Sadly, however, some Liberal therapists do not feel a moral or ethical obligation to be more respectful, collegial, or collaborative towards their Conservative counterparts.

Conservative therapists have been complaining that we do not have a democratic voice within academic circles or within many workplaces within the mental health industry.  If Therapists or Psychologists have made a Conservative comment, they have often been targeted and disrespected by colleagues.

Case in point is the Facebook Group known as “Therapists in Private Practice (TIPP).”  If you try to enter this Facebook group which is about being in Private Practice, you are not allowed in the group if you will not say that you are in support of Black Lives Matter.  I have become aware that TIPP even went through a Conservative Cleansing and kicked anyone out of the group with a more Conservative viewpoint.

Sure, it is fine for the Moderator of the group to have whatever kind of club she wants to have.  This is America, land of the free! So, I am not posting negative reviews on her business page like she has asked her group to do to me! However, I do think she might want to call her group “Communist Therapists in Private Practice (CTIPP)” which is how I will refer to the group for the remaining of this blog post.  After all, the leaders of BLM are self-proclaimed Marxists who have openly said they want to destroy the nuclear family.  Also, I have observed that many followers of BLM engage in mental mind control and mental intimidation tactics typical within Communist government.  

From my perspective, it is perfectly fine to have the communist/socialist-oriented group “Therapists in Private Practice” for any Americans who want to subscribe to it!  What is not fine is for CTIPP to verbally and mentally abuse other therapists with a different viewpoint.

Some of the therapists in CTIPP decided that they did not agree with my Conservative and pro-American Podcast against mental mind control.  So, a few weeks ago there was a post in the Facebook group CTIPP asking other members to go against my podcast and to report me to the licensing board. 

Of course, since I am a Conservative, the left considers me a racist and a Nazi.  And, since I am not in support of the group Black Lives Matter, this means that I am a TRIPLE racist according to Socialist Democrats. 

You can see the Reviews of my Podcast, some written by other Liberal therapists.  What the Liberal therapists who left negative Apple Podcast reviews did not realize (or maybe they did?)  is that they were proving exactly what I was talking about in my Podcast. In America you cannot have a Conservative viewpoint without being verbally abused, called names, and “cancelled” by the Left. 

They think my license should be in question.  I find this amusing given that I have been able to have conversations with liberals without name-calling or verbal abuse (whereas if you read the reviews you can see that Liberal Mental Health Professionals are not able to accomplish this tall order).  And sarcastically, I would note that any professional in the United States who voices a Conservative thought will likely be accused of being “Unethical” per the PC Marxist liberal code of ethics. Does anyone think this is projection?

The guest on my Podcast episode about Conservative Therapists being Underground made an excellent point that the ACA Code of Ethics says that Therapists are supposed to be courteous, collegial, and respectful of one another. 

Please tell me, do the Podcast Reviews that you see here calling my Podcast garbage and calling me a racist, do these posts seem collegial, respectful, and hence ethical?

Furthermore, Liberal therapists are quick to express concern about Conservative therapists seeing clients (you can see this in my Podcast reviews).  However, let’s just do some basic math here.  Since half of America is Conservative and approximately 85-90% of Mental Health Professionals are Liberal, shouldn’t I be more worried about Liberal therapists seeing Conservative clients? After all, given the numbers… it is far more likely that Liberal therapists will work with Conservative clients than it is the other way around.  In addition, since many Liberal mental health professionals have demonstrated that they cannot respect the viewpoints of a Conservative colleague, then why should I think they would necessarily be able to have a respectful conversation with a Conservative client?

Good grief!  Liberal therapists are apparently concerned about me as a Conservative seeing clients – even though I am far more likely to have like-minded clients on my couch than they are!  Also, I am willing to have respectful conversations with my colleagues without name-calling.

All of this just goes to prove why I started this Directory.  Because you as a Conservative American might just want to make sure you are seeking advice from someone who is tolerant and supportive of your values and beliefs. At this point, anything else might just be total insanity…  If you are a consumer of psychological and mental health services, then you can decide this for yourself!