Conservative Therapists Wanted

In July 2020, there was an Article in Psychology Today about the importance of mental health professional not stigmatizing Conservatives. Dr. Mather, the author of Conservative Psychologists Wanted pointed out that the times have changed due to political polarization in our country. He expressed concern that Conservative clients are sometimes not seeking out treatment, even if they need it, due to the fact that psychologists are liberal.

His opinion was that “Counselors should not publicly identify their political beliefs to better serve this population, as that would take away from the impartial nature of their work. Instead, the mental health community should commit to welcome conservatives for treatment and assure them they will not be stigmatized.” Of course, I do agree that the mental health community should welcome Conservatives and make sure that they feel respected and not stigmatized.

However, I do not agree with the statement that Counselors should not publicly identify their political beliefs. The reason I do not agree is that the ACA, as just one example, encouraged members just three months ago to be a political and to support the Democratic party during our work with clients. The board of my own local organization, Metro MFT Association also encouraged its members to support Black Lives Matter. (I am still trying to wrap my head around how a Marriage and Family Therapy organization thinks that it is good to support a Communist Organization whose mission is to disrupt the nuclear American family).

Furthermore, if you go to the Search Directory for Psychology Today, you can find therapists who are allied to the following communities: Bisexual Allied, Body Positivity, Gay Allied, HIV / AIDS Allied, Intersex Allied, Lesbian Allied, Non-Binary Allied, Open Relationships Non-Monogamy, Queer Allied, Racial Justice Allied, Sex-Positive, Kink Allied, Sex Worker Allied, Transgender Allied, Vegan Allied. The majority of these community alliances signify that a the therapist is politically liberal.

So what is the problem with having Communities that signify that a therapist is politically Conservative? In my opinion… Nothing! Nothing is wrong with it. No more than it is wrong for a therapist to publicly identify their religious beliefs. There are directories for Christian therapists and also for Catholic therapists. (If a Conservative American wants to find a Conservative therapist in a Christian or Catholic directory… good luck… since it is common for Catholics and Christians to be politically Liberal). Hence, the need for this Directory.

Therapists are allowed to identify their belief system if they choose to. This does not mean that Therapists should attempt to control their client’s beliefs or that the Therapist’s beliefs should be the focus for therapy conversations that should be helping a client to meet treatment goals. However, it is commonly known that people are simply more comfortable working with a therapist who shares at least some of their beliefs. This is why we see all the alliances promoted within the LGBTQ community on Psychology Today.

So, in my opinion, telling Conservatives that we should not identify our political beliefs in our work is a double standard. A double standard that is all too common in today’s political climate. It’s okay for a Liberal to do something, but if a Conservative does the same thing it is a problem. Conservatives are pushing back on this, and I think therapists should push back against this double standard within the mental health industry.

I do not accept this double standard. The Psychology Today Directory supports numerous communities that would signify a more Liberal political perspective without having options to signify to Conservative clients that a therapist has a Conservative perspective. I see this as a bias against Conservative consumers. Conservative consumers should be able to have “allies” if they want to, just the same as various Liberal consumers might seek “allies.”

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Finally, I am concerned that if we continue along the path of not identifying alliances and support for Conservative Americans that it will make it more difficult for Conservatives to withstand the mental war on pro-American values. Perhaps this is the goal of Liberals who might complain about Therapists being Conservatives and publicly identifying ourselves. Without support, it will be more stressful and difficult for non-Marxist, Democratic, Capitalist, Americans to hold on to their faith and get treatment.

This is pertinent when, in my opinion, the Marxist Cultural War on America is primarily about mental mind control.

In the comments of the article I mentioned above, some consumers wrote:

“Does anyone have any practical advice on how one could find a therapist who is sympathetic to conservative values and viewpoints? I’m not a religious conservative, so seeking out a religious therapist probably wouldn’t help. Political views have never been an issue for me in seeking mental health care before. But in recent months feel like it would help in dealing with difficult emotions around politicized issues such as the pandemic or race” and “The issue isn’t so much being stigmatized or judged. It’s more about just not being understood. For example, as a person of color whose views don’t align with the left, I want to be able to discuss my own emotions and experiences around race in a way that reflects my values rather than the standard social justice framework of the left.”

Given today’s political climate, I think it’s wrong to not have any Directories for Conservatives. If an American needs or desire a like-minded supportive Conservative to speak with, they will be able to find a professional right here. In my opinion, our Patriots might just need some mental wound care and I do not foresee the mental battles and polarization letting up even after this election cycle.