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Half of Americans have Conservative Values, yet approximately 90% of therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists are guided by a Liberal and even Socialist Value System; creating a barrier for Conservatives who would prefer talking with a professional who supports their values.  This directory is meant to reduce barriers and provide support for Americans who are currently underserved.

Why We Exist

“Some Conservative Americans in this polarized era are looking for a therapist, psychiatrist, or healer who either has the same values or who is affirming and open-minded to a Conservative belief system.  This makes perfect sense to me, especially considering the fact that many Liberal therapists do not have unconditional positive regard for Conservatives.

In fact, many Liberal therapists will try to censor and shut-down the voices of Conservative Colleagues (see our Blog for proof).  Actually, some comments made by Liberal therapists towards Conservative therapists are hateful despite an ethics code that requires collegiality.  So, it is difficult to trust that some Liberal mental health professionals will listen to their clients with an open mind and heart.

In addition, most Online Directories do not allow for mental health professionals to indicate that they have Conservative Political Values.  This is concerning when you consider that many Conservative Americans are experiencing stress, anxiety, and are often the victims of verbal and mental abuse because of today’s political environment.

The need for this directory is clear.  Americans who become a Subscriber to our newsletter will receive information and blog posts by Conservative mental health professionals.  Welcome to sanity, fellow Patriots.”

Join the directory

Are you a mental health professional, coach, or healer who agrees that America needs greater tolerance and respect for clients with Conservative political and/or religious beliefs?  If so, please subscribe to be a member of this directory for Americans who are seeking out a provider who supports their values!


Find a Therapist

Is it important to you that your therapist or psychiatrist supports and even shares some of your Conservative values? You can search our Directory here for providers whom you can trust will understand and encourage you.


You can call into the Dr. Stephanie Knarr show for support and advice weekly on Sundays at 6 pm EST. Listen to Dr. Stephanie Show’s Podcast on Spotify, Apple, and other places where you download Podcasts to receive encouragement to stand up against Mental Mind Control from the Left. It’s time to exercise your First Amendment Rights!


If there’s anything we can help you with please let us know. We would also love to hear your story, including any and all thoughts on the authoritarian left!


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